Friends of the Foundation

Some of our incredible “Friends” !

You can never have too many Friends – even if you are the Rolls-Royce Foundation!

Do you like to work with your hands? Tinker with expensive machinery? Would you like to learn more about how your car works? Consider volunteering your time with Friends of the Foundation. 

Started in 2004 by Dr. Les Lifton as a way to help preserve the RRF collection, the Friends of the Foundation meet on the third Saturday of every month. FoF are a group of dedicated folks of all ages and skill levels  who gather at the headquarters of the Rolls-Royce Foundation on Hempt Road in Mechanicsburg, PA. Tasks range from the mundane (washing and polishing) to the routine (changing fluids and tune-ups) to the complicated (repair or replacement of major components). If you enjoy working on cars or would like to become more of a mechanic, please join us for a Saturday session. We start around 9:00 AM, break for lunch at noon and finish by 4:00 PM. We try to drive all of the operable cars (weather permitting) as often as possible. We ensure that tires are aired, fluids changed or topped off, cars are cleaned, repairs completed and tools put away. Some of the more major tasks are the subject of seminars at which you can get as much “hands on” experience as you want under the supervision of an expert.

Whether or not you own a Rolls-Royce or Bentley (about 1/3 of our regulars do not) this is a great way to get to learn the ropes. We try to work in teams with an experienced leader, so you will be guided through any task by someone who has done it before. If your talents run more toward the administrative than the mechanical you can help with the technical library and the archives. We usually have a dozen or so members show up, but we would like to increase this in 2020. If you think you would like to be part of this group contact RRF staff during office hours and show up ready to work on the third Saturday of any month. This is a very social group and anyone is welcome!